Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Many Faces of Your Strawbosses: Cider, Shortcake, and Genie

Black Friday

Shortcake was at work bright and early.  By "bright," she means before the sun was up, so more of a "dark."  And by "early," she means up at 4am, at work by 6am.

For Black Friday, it wasn't too bad.  Many of the elves are new, so they're going to be good, but aren't good yet.  Santa had the first proposal of the season.  Shortcake wasn't there, but she assumes the woman said "yes."

There was a dramatic milk spill.  Gallons and gallons (okay, maybe 5-6 gallons) of milk spilled near the Santa room.  It got on Santa's pants and boots, so Linda had to run from the costume room and help clean it off.

Dorkwad came to see Santa, and he took a selfie with Santa and Shortcake.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, ya'all!

For the first time in forever, (Not really.  Just a year, but, like everyone else, Shortcake has memorized the Frozen soundtrack, and couldn't really resist.) Shortcake did not work the parade.  Instead, she woke up at the thoroughly decent hour of 8am, ran 5 miles, came home, made dinner, and watched tv.  That was it.  That's all she did.  All day.  Running, cooking, eating, tv, and sleeping.

This is Shortcake's foot next to her running bestie's foot.

Shortcake's brother, Dorkwad, came down from Boston to eat ALL THE FOOD.

There's a roast chicken and brussel sprouts with bacon and walnuts and maple syrup and steamed broccoli and spinach salad and mashed potatoes and hummus and peppers and carrots.

Shortcake and Dorkwad watched The Lego Movie.  If you have not seen it, you should.  Because everything is awesome.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Press Party!

The press party was last night.  Macy's put up a big screen tv in Herald Square, played Miracle on 34th Street (which is an excellent movie, and if you haven't seen it, you should) on it, unveiled their Christmas windows, and invited the press up to Santaland to meet Santa.

Earlier in the day, Shortcake, Cider & Genie had a meeting with Krampus to talk about all the changes this year and what could be done better to keep the village moving.  We're hoping to get through 1000 people per hour this year on a daily basis.  Which should be do-able.  Shortcake was also reminded that her primary responsibility is Santa.  She should worry about Santa, not the elves, not the parents, not even the children.  Just get him where he needs to go.

Then she helped Santa get ready for the Press Party.  It was an easy evening, and she got to see many of her favorite elves.

Alas, no photos.  There will be some this season.  Just not today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prep Week!

Shortcake and Cider spent this week prepping Santaland since Thanksgiving is a mere week away.  So soon!  To be honest, Cider did most of the work, but Shortcake is owning the special events schedule.  Don't worry, Genie is back this year too.  Triple threat, three years in a row.

Today was orientation day.  Basically it's the day when everyone from Santaland gets together in one big room, Santa recites "Twas the Night Before Christmas," and there are hugs all around.  There are cookies and hot chocolate.  Shortcake had some (weak) hot chocolate, and scavenged some cookies before heading down to see the pretty new Santaland.  We all walked through the maze and the village and said hi and hugged and caught up.  It was so great to see everyone who was back.

The Express line has been expanded this year, and it will be merging with the regular line just before the Gatekeeper.  A new position, the Keymaster, will manage the line-merge.  And holy construction, Batman!  Macy's is all different!  HR is no more - it's on the 7th floor now.  So now the line will go double-back in front of the elevators and then in front of the freight elevators and then into Juniors.  Shortcake is so glad she doesn't work the front line anymore.  She misses the crowd control elves, but, whew, that long line is terrible.  She's happy taking care of Santa in the Village.

No pictures today, but there will be some by the end of the week.  Promise.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shortcake's back!

Dear faithful readers,

Shortcake is back!  She arrived in NYC today, was officially hired by Macy's and gave Santa a big hug.  Tomorrow is a prep day with Cider and Genie.

If you want to see Shortcake, she'll be working Monday nights and Tues-Fri mornings.  And of course, you can always e-mail her at shortcakejingleberry at gmail dot com.

Merry Christmas (as soon as it's the day after Thanksgiving)!