Thursday, December 25, 2014


 Cider and Ruby
 Cider with Santa
 Fa La La and Ruby
 Cider at work
 Jeanne and Santa
 Santa and Jeanne
 Teddy Bear and Huggins
Teddy Bear
Shortcake and Kyle
 Shortcake and Santa
Shortcake and Santa

Christmas Day!

Shortcake woke up to a lovely, sunny, warm day which was enjoyable, but slightly concerning because of global warming.

She went on a run, then made pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Then she and her roommates opened gifts:
Shortcake got a hoodie, some wine, some whiskey, some jewelry and smartwool socks (for running!), a ceramic Santa, a crocheted candle holder, and a fancy glass tealight-holder.

Shortcake and her roommate are spending Christmas watching holiday movies.  They both cried during Prep and Landing.  It came out of nowhere, but when Shortcake thought about how Wayne was going to make sure Timmy got hit Christmas, she burst into tears.  It was kinda like when she cries at marathons.  

Later, Shortcake will go see Into the Woods.  

Merry Christmas from the Christmas tree, the Nativity (Baby Jesus was born!), the Advent calendar, her roommate and Shortcake!

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is a magical day at Santaland.  Because it's the day of Santa's big trip, but it's also the last time all the elves see each other until next season.  The North Pole is a big place, people.  We don't always see everyone when we go back there for the off season.

The day started as magically as it could at six in the morning because Cider left this message for Shortcake:
Shortcake has been worried about a particular problem for the last few days, and Cider knew it.  Shortcake saved the post-its.  Because Cider is awesome.

Because it was Christmas Eve,  there were cookies and gingerbread blondies and chocolate.  And pineapple.  It was the only fruit Shortcake ate all day.  

There were a lot of wee babes visiting Santa.  Some were 10 days old.  Some were two months.  A lot of first Christmases.  So adorable.

Shortcake and Peppercorn had their dance party to Michael Buble and the Puppini Sisters "Jingle Bells."  And then Santa decided to dance with them.
Then Santa danced with Jodi:

Managers wear fancy hats on Christmas Eve.
 Bob and Matt and his Grinch hat.
 General Krampus
Shortcake and Lisa and Lisa's fancy shoes

At the end of the night, while waiting to see if there were reshoots, before heading up to the North Pole, all the elves piled into Santa's house to hear stories of Christmas Past.  This doesn't happen every year, so it was a special moment.

Afterwards we all said our goodbyes.  And went home.
That's how short Shortcake is compared to Santa
 A Triple-Layer -Cake: Cupcake, Shortcake and Fruitcake
 Squeak and Shortcake selfie
 Dewdrop and Shortcake
 Shortcake and Ana - Ana is part of the stellar Housekeeping team we had this year
Shortcake and Krampus tried to take a selfie together, but Krampus is too tall.
So they tried again.
 Brian and Spritz
 Robby and Shortcake
 Shortcake and Avalanche and... someone else
 Shortcake and Blip
Tony and Shortcake
This is what Peppercorn and Shortcake looked like after surviving the last few days together.  And a 12 hour Christmas Eve shift.
Peppercorn and Shortcake modeling their new Santaland hoodies.  Thanks Macy's!

Shortcake went home and ate Indian food and watched holiday movies.  It was a lovely end to the day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

Dear readers, Christmas Eve Eve was not as busy as expected.  Santaland kept a brisk pace going, but the line wasn't out of control, not even in the afternoon when Shortcake left.  Which could be due to the drizzly rain.  Or it could mean everyone and their mom is coming to see Santa tonight/Christmas Eve.  It could be another Titanic Tuesday (back in 2009, December 23 became known as Titanic Tuesday because so many people came to see Santa that Santaland hit a metaphorical iceberg and sank.  Luckily, Shortcake was not there, or she might not have survived.)

Shortcake and Peppercorn are the power team this week.  They have every shift together.  They worked last night until 10:30pm, then were back at Santaland this morning at 6am.  Shortcake got about 4 hours of sleep; Peppercorn got even less.  So this morning Peppercorn took a nap:

Shortcake and Peppercorn like to have dance parties to keep their spirits up, but they were both super tired today. So they had an eighth grade slow dance dance party.  Peppercorn was the awkwardly tall girl and Shortcake was the boy who hasn't hit puberty yet.  They danced with hands on waist and shoulders, arms-length apart, making awkward conversation.  Then the song ended, and they both sat down.

Here's a health tip for all you people out there:  Eat food.  Shortcake did not eat dinner last night, and her breakfast was a measly bowl of generic Honey Nut Cheerios.  At 4:30am.  By 9:30am her hands were shaking she was so hungry.  So she went to Au Bon Pain and bought a croissant and chips and a tuna salad sandwich.  And ate it all.  The only times Shortcake wishes she were a robot are when she's hungry, sleepy, needs to pee, or has troublesome feelings.  Being a biological entity is highly overrated and, frankly, more than a little inconvenient.

A kid asked for privacy while reading his letter to Santa.  It was such an unusual request that his mom and the two elves turned themselves in circles before realizing they had to leave the house.

A lot of the elves are heading back to the North Pole tonight, so Shortcake started saying good-bye to a few people, including Cider and Ruby.  

And then she had to get hugs from Santa:

And what is Christmas without Teddy Bear and Fa La La?  (Treetop photobombed.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Fun times & Fruit & Cheese

Monday was Fruit & Cheese Day.  And Shortcake forgot!  Santa brought all this fruit and cheese, and there were crackers, and it was delicious, and Shortcake completely failed in her duties.

It's because she was distracted from having an excellent weekend.  Her friends Noel and Rachel came to visit Santa:

First, they posed prettily.  That's Noel on the left and Rachel on the right.  And Shortcake in the middle.

And Santa asked what they wanted for Christmas.  This time, Shortcake asked for the funds to build her castle.  (She has big, big plans for the castle.  Plans including a moat and a drawbridge and a turret and a ballroom and a library and secret passageways and an upside-down guest house.)

A Santa Selfie was required.  Obviously.  You can't visit Santa without getting an Elfie.

Best picture of the night.  We posed as terrified, crying children.

AND THEN.  Shortcake attended the YULE BALL.  Have you read Harry Potter?  Of course you have.  So, of course, you know all about Wizard Rock.  What's that?  You don't?!  It's totally awesome.  It's music about the Harry Potter world.  Shortcake loves listening to it because it's funny if you've read the books.  And it's nice to listen to music that's about something other than love.  Love is a very over-done topic in music.  Maybe, sometimes, Shortcake wants to hear about how Harry Potter has to save the school.  Again.

The point is: Shortcake thought she wasn't going to be able to go, but then she got a last minute e-mail, and she snagged a ticket, and dressed up in her Ravenclaw finest, and spent an awesome four hours listening to some great bands like The Whomping WillowsLauren FairweatherTonks and the AurorsPotter Puppet Pals, and Harry and the Potters.  Harry and the Potters were the headliners, and they were great, per usual, but the exciting part for Shortcake was hearing all the other bands for the first time.  Now she wants to get their music.  Potter Pupper Pals did a Christmas Pageant, crowning Hermione the winner.  Because when she sang "All I Want For Christmas Is You," she changed the words to "All I Want for Christmas Is Books."  And it was brilliant.  Because books are the best gift.  But do you want to hear the best part?

The best part was when Draco and the Malfoys played.  Because Shortcake thought they had broken up a year ago.  BUT THEY WERE THERE.  THEY PLAYED ALL THE BEST SONGS.  Shortcake about lost her mind in excitement.

And Santa even showed up to play a guitar solo with Harry and the Potters.  Shortcake took photos, but they're terrible.  Silly phone camera from the back of the room.  You can't see a thing.  So just take Shortcake's word for it.  Santa was there, and it was awesome.

Is there anything better than a Christmas-themed Harry Potter rock show?

No.  The correct answer is no.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaast Friday

It was a busy day.  Santa had events, and a lot of people were sick.  The line wasn't as long as we expected it to be, which could be a bad sign.  Starting tomorrow, Santaland opens at 7am every day until Christmas.  But Shortcake doesn't have to work weekends!  Aha!  This is a good thing since Shortcake got super sassy today.  She sassed Krampus a lot.  She stared him down.  And then ate a lot of chocolate.  She was so busy she didn't get a chance to get her second cup of tea, nor did she get to eat lunch.  That's not strictly true.  She ate her sandwich around noon.  But usually there are more snacks in there.

Shortcake got Santa a cookie (toffee nut) today since he's gotten her cookies for the last two days.

Here's some miscellaneous photos:
Treetop and Shortcake 

 Why yes, Treetop is that tall. 
(Shortcake finds it amusing to stand next to tall elves and take pictures with them.)

Gingerbread and Shortcake

Shortcake at work