Monday, December 5, 2016


Monday was December 5, which was Krampusnacht.  It's the night before St. Nicholas Day when Krampus comes and punishes the bad children and St. Nick comes and rewards the good children.

Shortcake had Santa take a special photo in honor of Krampusnacht and sent it to Krampus.  And, no, you cannot see it.

Mondays are very special days because they are the only weekday mornings Shortcake gets to spend in the Land.  Usually, she only works weekdays, and mostly mornings.  But this year, Cider gets (most) weekday mornings.  So Shortcake treasures her time with Peppercorn and Mr. Claus.  She spent at least an hour gossiping with Mr. Claus and Peppercorn, catching up on all the news and tidbits and times Mr. Claus sassed people.

Oh!  Update on Cider's birthday!  Ruby took him to an archery lesson, and he loved it.  Both he and Ruby said they would go again, and that Shortcake should definitely do it because she would like it.  If only Shortcake had time.  Silly responsibilities getting in the way of archery lessons.

Since it was a slower day, Shortcake brought her ukulele in and got her Christmas photos with Santa.

Shortcake finds it hilarious to take photos with absurdly tall persons.  Like Treetop.  And Santa.

Shortcake with Santa and Sugar (on the left), an elf whose name Shortcake forgot, and Sparky (on the right)

Shortcake at work.  Look at the shade she can throw.

Shortcake pretending to play a song to Santa.

Santa giving Shortcake a kiss.

Shortcake giving Santa a kiss.

Kyle came back for another visit!

And he played the uke.

Then Santa played the uke.

In other news, Shortcake wore her hair down all day.  This is quite an accomplishment.  Pretty much, as soon as she starts moving, she puts her hair up in a ponytail.  It gets it off her neck and is a convenient place to store pens and pencils.  People see her with her hair down and they think she styled it.  Or cut it.  Or did something with it.  But no.  It's just down.

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