Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tues, Dec 13

So Tuesday was a Tuesday.  There was a stupidly long Express line for unknown reasons.  Cider didn't save the headset from the previous day, so when Shortcake came in, he was not wearing the Strawboss headset.  So Shortcake had to go find it, which was relatively easy to do since she labeled it.  THIS IS WHY WE LABEL THINGS PEOPLE.

Santa brought in treats for everyone - red velvet Oreos and peppermint Oreos.  Otherwise known as crack.  Seriously.  The peppermint Oreos were delicious.

The scheduling manager put Little Star, Jinglesnaps and Dumpling all in one house.  When those three are together, it creates a magical place called the "Bro House."  To make it complete, you add a Treetop.

Shortcake has a tendency to get a little... antsy when she's waiting for something.  If she's in the Village, this means dancing to the music.  With expressive gestures.  And sometimes it means entering a huddle with Dumpling, Turducken, Frostbite and Little Star to talk about absolutely nothing.  The huddle was mostly to emphasize how short Shortcake is.

Shortcake brought her ukulele in to practice.  She was working the closing shift, and nights are usually slower than the morning shift.  It gives her more time to practice.  She wrote a song!  It goes like this: "To-ny, I like your ti-ie."  Aaaaaaand Santa said Shortcake is getting better at the ukulele!  That's what happens when you practice somewhat regularly.

The CD player moved from the strawboss desk - where it was driving Shortcake nuts - to behind Santa's hairstylist.  Tumbleweed labeled it "Reindeer Radio" and now there's a nice way to display what CD is playing.

Interesting fact: every time Shortcake talks on headset (while close to the CD player), the CD player cuts out.  And then picks up in the same place as soon as she stops talking.  Radio waves!  Science!

Someone sent a scroll to Santa, so Shortcake had to check it out.

Look at this amazing letter to Santa!

And this is the back:

It's Santa as a parasite!  And, in Forrest's own words, IT IS NOT AN INSULT.

Friends visited Santa!
Brett and Amber saw Santa!

Santa had a delightful visit at the end of the night.  Buddy the Elf came by!  He usually comes by once a year, and he takes a photo with Santa and alllllllllll the elves.  Shortcake also took a Snapchat video of him and the elves using these Snapchat glasses.  Shortcake does not understand how it works because she refuses to join Snapchat.

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