Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Saturday Before Christmas Eve

For the Saturday before Christmas it was not that busy of a day.  Probably because it was a little cold (not Chicago cold - just a little cold) and snowing.  

Shortcake's snowy winter wonderland selfie.

And then the snow turned into rain.  The line never got longer than 2 hours, and it never made it onto the sales floor.

There is illness going around Santaland.  It's affecting everyone.  The elves.  Santa.  Shortcake.  But she's not really sick.  Just sometimes she wakes up with a sore throat.  And her voice is super raspy.  But she drinks lots of liquids and overdoses on Princess gummi vitamins and eats citrus.  But Shortcake may have made a disturbing revelation.  She actually watched the barista make her chai latte, and there may not actually be chai tea in her chai latte.  Which is a problem, as Shortcake has been relying upon chai lattes for caffeine.  Because Shortcake is often sleep deprived.  Because she has to be at Macy's at 6 or 7 or 8am.

Jubilee on the Saturday before Christmas Eve

Patches wins the award for most creative problem-solving.  Santa had multiple events today, and we had to get Santa out of the building to the car without being seen by anyone.  And Patches did it!  With help from the NYPD.

We got more post-its!  We strawboss by post-it.  It's a very effective communication system.  And we had yellow and pink post-its, but now we have green!

Shortcake received some distressing news today.  Santa thinks Leonardo is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Donatello is the worst.  Now, Santa is a great person, but he is wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Santa was very sweet to Shortcake today.  He complimented her, told her she was fabulous, got her a tea for her throat, gave her a rose and offered her tickets to the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall.  She had to turn down the Carnegie Hall tix because Shortcake has to be a responsible adult.  She needs sleep.  She needs to post this blog and update e-mails.

Being a responsible adult is the lamest.

The rose Santa got Shortcake.

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