Sunday, December 4, 2016

Maze photos

Sunday, December 4 was another busy day.  Apparently all the big families in the Tri-State area decided to come see Santa.  You know, the families with 5 children, 12 adults, and 5 strollers.  Because every child needs its own stroller.  Heaven forbid the parent carry the child.  Or the child walk.  So the line was super, super long.  And there were strollers all over the village.

BUT.  There was no register line nonsense.  The sales elves seem to have gotten their act together (knock on wood) (no, seriously, knock on wood) (knock on ALL the wood).

Santa has an event on Saturday/Sunday mornings at a restaurant in Macy's called Stella.  It's called "Breakfast with Santa," and he goes down to take pictures with people while they have a fancy schmancy breakfast.  Usually Spritz and Sprinkles go with him, but they were both unavailable (poor Spritz felt very sick), so Pepper went with him.  Pepper did a great job.  No really.  His personality perfectly complements Santa's, and he's very good with liaising with the camera people and keeping order as the families go to see the man in red.

Shortcake didn't take any photos on Sunday, so here's some of the maze.

Look!  It's a milk truck!

Look!  A wooden cart-thing!

An elf directing the snowperson choir!

An elf playing cymbals!

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