Monday, December 19, 2016

Last Monday Before Christmas

The village wasn't rushed today, but Shortcake thinks that's because the strawbosses were super proactive about scheduling extra shifts.  So we were understaffed from ideal, but overstaffed from usual.  That was a terrible sentence.  Just go with it.  People called out sick, and one person forgot he was supposed to come in an hour early, so.

Welcome to the end of the season when Shortcake is forced to become a benevolent dictator.  Cider congratulated her.  Well, he actually said, "That's my girl."  Shortcake was ranty and cranky today.  She went on a rant about negotiations between employers and employees, pockets in women's pants, and how the clip on her headset was designed for people wearing button-down shirts (men) but Shortcake wasn't wear a button down shirt because do you know how hard it is to find a flattering button down shirt that fits her and doesn't gap at the breasts?    So the clip on the headset just hangs there, getting caught on stuff, and pulling down on the headset, so it gradually slides down her ear and pulls at her hair.  Everything is intertwined.

Life is hard.

It was a pretty easy day really.  Cider came in and reported that Spatula's wedding was lovely and they did, in fact, get married, and the food was good.  Oh, and he said he understood Shortcake's friend crush on Miss Denise now, and she texted him asking him to find this picture for her (Shortcake got a little jealous that Miss Denise texted him), but Cider and Freeze Frame can't find the photo.  And he doesn't want to tell her the sad news.  Disappointing people is a real thing.

We had a lot of school groups today, one of 120 people.  Shortcake was on that in a heartbeat and strawbossed the reindeer out of it.

Santa brought Shortcake a gift.

He's so sweet.

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