Saturday, December 17, 2016

Short Jaunt to Chicago

Shortcake had a short jaunt to Chicago this week, while she wasn't at Santaland.

It was so cold in Chicago.  SO.  COLD.  Shortcake was not properly bundled.  You know why?  Because it was warmer than 20 degrees Fahrenheit in New York.  And, yes, fine, she is used to the cold at the North Pole, but Shortcake hasn't been to the North Pole in at least four weeks, and cold is bearable if you are properly bundled for it.

Anyway.  While she was in Chicago, she volunteered with the NPR news quiz show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.  And she told Peter Sagal that the logo, when turned upside down, looked like a Dalek.  So.  You know.  Nerdity happened.

That's Bill Kurtis on the left, Peter Sagal in the middle, and the panelists on the left are (from left to right) Tom Bodett, Roxanne Roberts and Adam Burke.

Shortcake in front of the set!  Selfie style!

And Shortcake has also decorated her home for Christmas.

The Brooklyn Christmas tree.

The Chicago Christmas tree.  With presents!

Shortcake had quite the time getting back to New York from Chicago.  Chicago had a snowstorm, so Shortcake got herself onto an earlier flight to the East Coast.  (Santa needs his sleigh and flying reindeer.  Shortcake has to use conventional means of transportation.)  She was going to New York City.  The plane landed in White Plains. So Shortcake took a car ride to a train station to Grand Central (which was all decorated for the holidays) to a subway to another subway and walked in the door just before midnight.  Adventure accomplished!

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