Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Monday

Hey ya'all.  It was a glorious, slow Monday morning at Santaland.  Shortcake got to sit and gossip with Peppercorn and Santa.  She didn't hit her steps before 3:30pm, that's how much Shortcake sat.  And Santa compared her to a dachsund.  You know, short, but doesn't know it or act like it, and forced to constantly look up.

And there was a joke about how Shortcake was #justlikejesus (since she is as #oldasjesus)  (Cider is #oldasjesus too.), but now she can't remember the joke.

So here's two lovely letters to round out the day.

This is a rainbow bird on the right.  And there is a cage for the bird to go in.  And the heart-shaped thing on the left is Santa.  You can tell it's him because it's red, and he has a belt, and he's shaped like a heart.

And this one.  This one is from a child who basically has the same list as Shortcake.

"I wish I had... Santa is 2 I phone 7s, a telaporter and a magic hat, a time machine, xbox with all the games, tools and wood and a hat that gives me $9999999999999999999999999999999"

So you see this, right?  There's a dollar sign, and then lots of '9's following it.

Page 2 and 3 of '9's

Page 4 & 5 of '9's

Page 6 & 7 of '9's

Page 8 & 9 of '9's

Page 10 & 11 of '9's

Page 12 & 13 of '9's

Page 14 & 15 of '9's.  Can we admire the dedication of this kid to the bit?

Page 16 of the letter and the kid switches to '8's!

Just because.

And then this is on the envelope:

"Dear Santa I will give you coke!"

Do you think it's cocaine or coca-cola?  Will we ever know?!?!

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