Sunday, December 25, 2016


After Shortcake left Santaland on Christmas Eve, she picked up a hot chocolate and walked 5th Avenue, looking at the window displays.  It was a lovely way to end the day.

She started with Macy's windows.

The Empire State Building was red and green for Christmas and blue and white for the first night of Hannukah.  Inclusion!

Shortcake loves the Lord & Taylor windows.  This year, the windows were okay, but the lights and greenery for the "enchanted forest" were the highlight.


Squirrels in greenery!

Nothing says Christmas Eve like lights and hot chocolate and selfies.

Saks Fifth Avenue windows!

New York is very serious about parking on 5th Avenue.

Rockefeller Plaza and the tree:

Tree selfie!

Weird sculpture selfie!

Some skyscraper that's lit up red and green:

Elie Tahari windows:

Shortcake just liked this spiral staircase.  Somewhere.

Barnes and Noble windows!

An octopus at Asics!

Shortcake just liked the spiral thinger with the flowers.

Tiffany's windows!

Close-up of one of the Tiffany windows.

The Harry Winston building

Shortcake liked the roses and dress.

There were coats spinning, along with wooden t-rex models.

Bergdorf Goodman windows!  Always the best:

Some perks about walking in NYC.  If you need to pee, you can find a hotel and use the lobby bathroom.  Shortcake was close to the Plaza, so she went in there.  And found this chandelier and Christmas tree.

And then, miracle of miracles!  Shortcake had the entire subway car to herself!

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