Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday, December 11

Good Lord, today was a busy day. Shortcake's at that place in the season where she can't tell if it's a busy day, or if she's just bad at her job.  There was a solid hour there where she was overwhelmed.  Nothing is in crisis, or terribly wrong, just a lot of things that all need to happen at once.

Anyway.  We'll get to that.  Stories.

Shortcake was teasing someone about his age - you know, 'cause she was born in the early eighties and he was a baby because he was born in the late eighties - and Santa just muttered "Psh.  Eighties." under his breath.  And it was hilarious.

There was another conversation about Zac Efron.  Because Shortcake loves him.  Santa loves to tease her about him.

It was a Peppercorn/Shortcake morning.  They bonded over reading Sweet Valley High when they were girls and how they never did drugs because (in Peppercorn's case) there was a cocaine overdose death in Sweet Valley and (in Shortcake's case) Andie combined ecstasy with her anti-psychotic drugs on Dawson's Creek.  Terrible teen media can be very influential.

Santa had his espresso shot for energy again this morning.  He was shaking his hairspray like it was a maraca and dancing through the dressing room doing the cucaracha.  Is that even an actual dance?  Who knows.  Santa did it.  It was hilarious, and also Shortcake is a little concerned she may need to stage an intervention for Santa about these espresso shots.

Santa baked fudge yesterday, but it didn't bake all the way or cool properly (Or something - Shortcake doesn't know - she doesn't make fudge - fudge is something that magically appears in stores, beautiful and delicious.  Like truffles.).  So it was more of a fudge soup.  Santa brought spoons, and Shortcake spooned some into her chai latte, and it was delicious.  Highly recommended.

Fa La La's shoes are falling apart.  Like.  For reals.  Shortcake looked down, and the soles are completely separated from the upper.  Or whatever it's called.  Do not panic; Fa La La has other shoes to wear.

Remember how Shortcake is terrible at choosing headsets?  As in she chose a headset yesterday morning, decided it was terrible, put it back, chose another one, still hated it but went with it, Blissful hated it, and chose a third headset.  Well.  Today, Shortcake went through all the headsets until she found one she liked.  Then she checked it with Blissful and Cider.  Then she labeled it.

Now the strawbosses will always have an acceptable headset.  And if it wanders off, they can get it back.

There was a derailment on the model train in the maze.  Jubilee showed Shortcake the offended train car.  From Pennsylvania, maybe?  Shortcake doesn't know.

Shortcake went to get lunch around 11:40am.  She carried her food back into the land, did a switch with food in one hand, then put her lunch at her desk and went back to work.  She finally finished eating her lunch around 1:45pm.  This is the theme of the day.

Around 2pm, Shortcake said to herself "I miss Cider."  It had only been four days.  And yet.  And then who walks in the door an hour later?  CIDER.  He was really there to see...  other people.  That we will get to in the next paragraph.

Santa had many special visitors today.  And usually, this is not a problem.  But today.  Oh, today.  Today all the special visitors all wanted to see Santa at 2:30pm and Shortcake ran out of space for them.  She just ran around and around and around for an hour.  And has still only clocked 14,785 steps as of this typing.  Harumph.

The point is: Guess who came to see Santa?


Krampus!  Look!  They almost fit in the same selfie!  If Krampus bends his knees!

Krampus and Shortcake and Latke!  (For those wondering, his shirt says HO cubed.  It's a Santa and math joke.  Not a chemistry joke.  Mull it over and get back to Shortcake.)

In other news, Felix Navidad split his pants installing a fan, so he got to wear elf knickers while the lovely wardrobe ladies fixed his pants.

It's a solid fashion choice.

And Rondel did something super nice for Shortcake, so she got a selfie with him because she has a friend crush on him.  Also because he is a nice person. And they survived Christmas Eve last year together.

Shortcake, in theory, got off work at 3pm.  She handed the headset (the newly labeled) headset over to Blissful at 3:17pm.  She clocked out at 4:07pm.  She left Santaland around 4:43pm.  In Shortcake's defense, Cider and Blissful were both there, talking about things in the Land, and they never get to see each other all together.  They tend to be ships passing in the night, and rarely all three at once.

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