Tuesday, December 6, 2016

St. Nick Day!


Shortcake loves St. Nick Day.  It's the best.  (She also just spelled her name "Shortcale."  Ha.  "Shortkale."  So not as good as "Shortcake.")

Look at all the presents she got!

And here's the spread at Santaland.  Mandarin oranges and chocolate chip cookies.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Made by Shortcake.  And they were good.  Shortcake is not humble about her cookies.  She knows exactly how to make them, and they are darn good.

St. Nick brought Shortcake an elf hat.  Shortcake hates this picture of herself, but check out the awesome photo bomb by Ruby.

Han Solo Flamingoooooooooooo got into the Santa spirit.

Santa has decided that Shortcake has a completely different personality in the morning versus at night.  Remember that?  Well, he has also decided that Shortcake does not check on him during the day.  Which she does.  About once an hour, she wanders the Village, poking her head into Santa's house and checking on him.  Often, he's in a visit, so she checks in with the elf, looks at Santa, and moves on her merry way.  Santa didn't believe her.  Harumph.

Shortcake picked a terrible headset on Monday.  It kept falling off her head.  Cider picked an excellent headset on Tuesday, so Shortcake made a point of setting it aside and keeping it for Wednesday morning.  Because a good headset is hard to find.  So you keep that sucker.  Your hoard it.

Mr. Claus!

Shortcake once again brought her ukulele to work.  
Santa played it for a bit.

Then he tried to teach her a strum pattern to "Hotel California."  It sort of worked?

At the end of the night, after the Village was empty, Shortcake took Santa on a tour of the maze.  Specifically the Express Pass section.  He hadn't gotten to see it this year, and since this was a rare opportunity, Shortcake gave him the VIP treatment.  Because Santa is a VIP.  Also, this delighted the elves.

Whiteflowers at work: Penguin, Serafina and Jubilee.

A strawboss at work.

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